Stephanie M. Sawyer began her career in the Law Department for the City of Philadelphia as an Assistant City Solicitor where she quickly developed her skills as a civil litigator.  During her almost five (5) year tenure with the City, Ms. Sawyer successfully negotiated resolution to countless personal injury claims, conducted scores of depositions further solidifying her effective style of witness examination, as well as presenting and winning hundreds of arbitrations, hearings and trials.

In 1995, Ms. Sawyer left this position as she was determined to help people on a more personal basis.  While working in the public sector had its rewards, Ms. Sawyer has always had a passion for championing the causes of regular folks who make up the community in which she lives and raised her two children.

For Ms. Sawyer, the only thing more important than defending and preserving the rights of individuals and small businesses is family.  Ms. Sawyer prides herself in teaching her children the necessity of hard work and community responsibility; therefore, she insists on maintaining community outreach programs as an integral part of her practice.

Since 1995, Ms. Sawyer expanded her practice to include employment discrimination, family, criminal, and contract law in addition to her continued practice of personal injury law.



EDUCATION:                Temple University School of Law, Philadelphia, PA

Juris Doctor (May, 1991)

Honors:           Distinguished Class Performance in Criminal Law,  Criminal Procedure, Introduction to Trial Advocacy, Torts, and Entertainment Law; Distinguished Student Teacher under Temple’s Law, Education and Participation (LEAP) Program providing instruction to high  school students, research and lesson plan developer for various courses offered under Temple’s LEAP Program

Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

Bachelors of Arts (May, 1986)


AFFILIATIONS:           Bar Admissions

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania (Nov., 1991)

- U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania (Nov., 1991)

- U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (May, 2006)


The Barristers’ Association of Philadelphia

- Pennsylvania Trial Attorneys’ Association

- Philadelphia Bar Association


- The Urban league of Philadelphia